Stone Care and Maintenance

Granite Care and Use

  • Hot pans can be placed on surface with no harm to tops.
  • Dried food can be removed with a fresh razor blade.
  • Everyday cleaning can be done with a pH balanced, non-abrasive, mild dish soap.
  • Buffing top after cleaning (with a terry cloth towel) prevents streaking.
  • Do NOT use abrasive cleaners including soft scrub.
  • The counter is sealed; however, any oily spills or splatter should be wiped off immediately. Tops have still been known to stain after extended exposure.

Marble Care and Use

  • Nothing acidic should be placed on marble tops because it will remove the finish (example: nail polish, plant water, perfume).
  • Tops will scratch so anything that is abrasive should not be set on it.
  • Due to the fact that marble is breakable, you should never stand on it.